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Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke Odor Removal

Professional Fire & Smoke Odor Removal

Dealing with lingering odors in the days (or weeks) after a fire at your property? You're not alone. Following a household fire, smoke odors typically stick around, even after the rest of the damage has been dealt with. This is because fire smoke particles latch onto carpets, paint and other materials. Lingering fire smoke odor is more than just a bothersome smell. It is also a sign that the air quality in your home has been compromised and your family's health is at risk.

On properties with minimal fire damage, it is sometimes possible to get rid of the odor by airing the building out and scrubbing everything clean. Following more substantial fire disasters, it is usually best to outsource this work to experienced professionals. The fire restoration experts at Priority Titans can help.

Trusted 24/7 fire damage restoration response

Our technicians have been highly trained in all aspects of fire damage cleanup, including fire & smoke odor removal. Working quickly to deep clean your carpets, improve your airflow, and attack the ash and soot that the initial clean missed, we will get your property smelling brand new in no time.

Ready to get rid of fire and smoke odor for good?

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