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Sanitizing and Disinfecting for COVID-19

Sanitizing and Disinfecting for COVID-19

The question on everyone’s minds right now is: how can we best protect ourselves and our families from COVID-19? Aside from following social distancing regulations, it’s important to sanitize yourself and your surroundings.

How COVID-19 Spreads

COVID-19 is a respiratory infection and is most commonly passed by person-to-person contact. The virus moves via respiratory droplets – that is, fluids that are transferred by coughing, sneezing, or even speaking. This is why citizens are advised to stay at least six feet away from anyone that doesn’t reside in their household. 

However, these droplets don’t just land on other people; they also land on surfaces. Depending on the material, the virus can remain on these surfaces for anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, and can then transfer to body parts that come in contact. That means that if you touch an infected surface and then touch your face, you’re coming into contact with the virus even if you’re not near another person.

Proper disinfection and sanitization methods are more important than ever. The most accurate sources of information for sanitizing and disinfecting come from the government and the CDC, who then pass their information along to various public health units across the country.

Recommended Disinfectants

The Environmental Protection Agency has released a list of disinfectants for hard, non-porous surfaces that are known to be effective against COVID-19. While the column for disinfection directions names other diseases that are not coronavirus, the cleaning agents listed are effective against those diseases in addition to coronavirus, not instead of

When used correctly, these sanitizing agents can significantly limit the spread of microorganisms. It is recommended that you frequently wipe down high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, table and countertops, drawer handles, remotes, children’s toys, telephones, and electronic devices.

Ensure that you are following proper handwashing methods using soap and scrubbing for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t have access to handwashing facilities, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of at least 60 percent. Do not attempt to make your own at home, as you may end up with an ineffective product that causes unpleasant side-effects.

Clean your home as you would normally and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily, even if no one in your home is sick. For those with carriers in their home or business, there are additional safety measures that should be followed.

For more information on protecting your home, business, and person from COVID-19, reach out today.

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