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Fire & Smoke Restoration Tips

Fire & Smoke Restoration Tips

For most homeowners, a fire in the property is the stuff of nightmares. Household fires pose considerable risk to the physical safety of your family and any other tenants or pets that may be in the building. Your priority, first and foremost, should be ensuring that the fire is extinguished and everybody is safe. Once the smoke has both figuratively and literally cleared, it is time to start thinking about fire damage restoration.

Here are some professional fire and smoke restoration tips designed to make the entire process both easier to manage and less costly:

Call your insurance company ASAP

Your first call should be to the firefighters, but after that, your insurance agent is a great second option. There's a reason you pay into homeowners' insurance and this is it. Following a fire, it is important that you understand the extent of your coverage, as this knowledge will make it easier to budget for restoration.

Keep track of all damaged possessions (and take photos)

When making your claim, you want to have as much supporting evidence as possible. Detailed descriptions and photographs are a huge help in this regard. Additionally, it is important to replace any damaged documents (driver's license, birth certificate, passport, etc.) as soon as possible.

Clean the property

Following a fire, your property will likely be covered in soot, ash, and smoke. If the fire damage is small and contained, it may be possible to clean this up on your own. With larger fires, you may need to bring in a professional crew to address underlying issues.

Contact an expert (if needed)

Sometimes, soot and ash are just scratching the surface of the damage. Household fires that cause lingering smoke odors often require a professional restoration crew. It is also worth noting that firefighters occasionally cause residential water damage when putting out the blaze. A professional fire restoration crew will help you tackle both of these issues, as well as fire damage cleanup.

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