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Water Damage Prevention Tips

Water Damage Prevention Tips

Water damage has been frustrating property owners in Florida for generations. Thanks to our humid, coastal climate, and frequent storms, water damage is one of the most common issues that sunshine state homeowners have to deal with. In addition to causing structural damage to your property, water damage is also a conduit for mold growth (which is another major headache). All things considered, water damage can lessen the livability and market value of your property big time.

As home restoration specialists, we have been dealing with water damage for decades, and know a thing or two about the subject. On that note, here are a few of our favorite water damage prevention tips for property owners.

Waterproof your home

Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. Taking a proactive approach to waterproofing might not stop a hurricane, but it will make the restoration process quicker, easier and less expensive.

Fix leaks and plumbing issues ASAP

Water damage isn't limited to floods and storms. Ensuring that your pipes are functional and leak-free can go a long way towards preventing future water damage, as well as mold growth.

Act quickly at the first sign of trouble

It is much easier to preserve the integrity of your home in the 48 hours following the initial incident than it is in the days and weeks that follow. Acting proactively and quickly at the first sign of trouble is a great first step.

Ensure proper drainage

It is important to regularly clean your rain gutters and monitor your sump pump to ensure that everything is draining properly. The alternative? Waiting for a storm to arrive and then crossing your fingers

Don't be afraid to outsource to professionals

Taking on a DIY project can certainly be cost-effective and rewarding, but at a certain point, water damage becomes unmanageable without the right tools and experience. When this occurs, it is usually best to consult with an expert, as the wrong move could wind up costing you in the long run.

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